FHD IPTV Updated UK Server Channel List

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FHD IPTV Updated UK Server Channel List

Post by FHDIPTVSupport » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:20 pm

FHD IPTV's team is ready to give out the best IPTV service experience to its users. We at FHD IPTV have 3300+ channels, 3300+ VODs, Catch Up Server and these lists are growing each day thanks to our users' massive support.

Our prices are very competitive and we can guarantee that you will never find a cheaper yet better IPTV service than us! You can compare our prices with all of the IPTV providers on the net.

We will soon have a new dashboard for users in which they can:

1. Check their account's status and expiry date.
2. Convert from normal account to MAG account and vice versa.
3. Create custom playlist.
4. and many more features ...

Exclusive KODI addon will also be introduced soon, Android app is already out.

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